Saturday, 15 July 2017

To the Edge of the Continent

Southwest tip of the African Continent (Look at the Clouds!) 
On June 10th, a beautiful Saturday morning, we drove down with our driver Cyril from UCT middle campus to the Southwest tip of the African Continent — the Cape of Good Hope. The entire crew (all 13 of us) did a short hike along the coastline. If you want to get some quality photos, this is place is a MUST. The ocean and breeze that day brought peace into my mind, at the same time I was amazed and excited by the remarkable view. I imagine Cape Point to be a place to find inspirations. It is away from the noisy city and the nature is well preserved. While I was there, my thoughts were overwhelmed by the beauty of my surroundings.

During our trip, we also spotted some wild ostriches and bucks! Wild baboons inhabit in Cape Point too, although we didn’t get the chance actually see them, but don’t bring food with you while visiting.
Can you believe this view?
Afterwards, we went to Boulder beach to visit a penguin breeding area. We were lucky to see a mother penguin taking care of her young. However, the mother penguin didn’t welcome us at all, she even tried to bite us!
Our final stop was dinner at Kalky’s in Fish Hoek. This place served the best fish n’ chips I ever had! I specifically ordered some snoek n’ chips. The outside was crispy and fried with a mouthwatering golden color while the inside was still juicy. Yum! Just be careful about the bones as you dig in.
 Right after dinner, we decided to take pictures just outside of Kalky’s. We witnessed someinteresting seal action that I’ll never forget. The seals near the harbor causally hop onto the walkway and enjoyed themselves, completely comfortable with us nearby. One of the workers there developed an intimate relationship with the seals, he was able to pet the seals and feed them leftover fish. Their interaction was, to me, definitely heartwarming to see.

-Isaac Chen

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