Friday, 2 June 2017

2017s are GO!

Good evening, readers, and greetings from beautiful Cape Town where the 2017 students have been in residence now for a very full 24 hours!  Jasmine, Jiyoon, Ben, Isaac, Max, Karina, Tiffany, Toby, Peyton, Arjun, Michelle, and graduate student assistant Meagan all arrived June 1, and today, June 2, we spent as a group getting to know each other and the UCT campus.  We had gorgeous weather for our walking tour, and a great tour guide, Ian (in the UCT sweatshirt in the photo).  Everyone's got a student ID, a local phone, some good maps, and did well absorbing a lot of information quickly on this exciting first day.  Tomorrow - on to the District Six Museum and a visit to a local clinic as we continue to establish some history and context and explore!

Lisa Folda

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