Friday, 12 June 2015

Natural Beauty

The day I arrived to Cape Town the weather was gloomy. The rain was falling and the sky was dense with clouds and fog. When I landed I was told that you usually could see the mountains once you walk out of the airport doors, but I was only able to see gray. Despite the clouds Cape Town still look beautiful.
While driving from the airport to the Sacred Mountain Lodge there was a point where we were close enough to the mountains that the clouds lifted and I was able to finally see an outline of mountains. They were large and looming. As we got closer and closer the mountains became more visible, and so did their beauty. These mountains are plush with green vegetation and trees, trees that reminded me of the tree from the opening scene of the Lion King. Don’t know if it’s the same tree or if i am just too excited about being in Africa.
Picture of the mountains featuring trees.
In order to get to the hotel we had to drive through the mountains. The view of the city below was obstructed by the fog but at that moment I didn’t mind because the rain had caused many intricate fast moving waterfalls to form on the side of the mountains. Luckily for us this was the only rainy day in Cape Town that we’ve had so far!
            Before we left the lodge we all went to go see the beach that was a short walk away. We came at the perfect time, the sun was just about to set and the day was clear. Once we got to the edge of the beach some of us stayed taking photographs, some went on the beach and others geocahced. The view was so spectacular that I don’t think the photographs any of us took do it any justice.  
Sunset at Noordehoek beach.
On the way back to the hotel.
Mountains are going to be rather prominent feature during our stay seeing as how we are not only surrounded by them but we are taking classes on them! The University of Cape Town is set right in the middle of the mountains. The campus is utterly gorgeous between the classic ivy league architecture and it’s sky high placement. No matter where you turn on the campus there is a breathtaking view awaiting you.
University of Cape Town Campus
View Outside of a classroom at UCT

I have never been one to prioritize outdoor activities but Cape Town forces you too! Everyone here plans on doing at least one outdoor oriented activity. Whether it's hiking Table Mountain, tandem paragliding or shark cage diving you can bet a large group of us are going. One of the first nature outings that some of us did was going to Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden. I don’t think anyone was prepared for what greeted us the moment we passed the turnstiles and the trees cleared. The view was simply astonishing. We were greeted by not only the mountains but lush green lawns, trees, bright exotic flowers and birds. As we walked through the garden we saw runners, hiking trails and people gathered on the lawns enjoying the afternoon and having a picnics. The area almost looked like Jurassic Park and the park must have caught on because they had dinosaur statues scattered around. As we continued through the garden we walked up one of the paths and onto the tree canopy walkway. The beginning of the walkway obstructs your view with trees and plants and you feel as though you’re in a jungle. As we kept walking it cleared and we had a view of not only the gardens and mountains that greeted us but of a large part of the city! You bet we all stayed there for a long time taking pictures and soaking in the sights!

The canopy walkway.
Entrance to the garden
Christine getting attacked by a T-Rex
View from the walkway
            It’s only been two weeks of a trip so far and we’ve already done so much! Last week we had a bunch of orientation activities and this week we started classes and out sites. It’s There’s so much more to come and I get more and more excited every day! 

- Daniela Menendez '17

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