Thursday, 5 June 2014

JHU Cape Town, 2014!

Yes, we got photo-bombed (who are those two in the back?).  But happily, the full group today did a lot of walking around UCT's campus, and its many steps from Lower to Middle to Upper Campus without getting caught in one of the flash rain showers! (We did see three rainbows, too.)

No one showed an ounce of jet lag (admirable), and spirits were high.  Now armed with their UCT ID cards, and the many privileges afforded therein, the group - Megan, Arlene, Elizabeth, Carolyn, Ben, Rachel, Simon, Sarah, Summer, and Shaun - has settled into their lodging, has met all their instructors, and has already found the Nando's on Main Road just east of campus...

I'm thrilled to be back in the Mother City as well, and look forward to our day tomorrow - starting with the District 6 Museum, and later meeting all the supervisors from our community partner sites.  We end with a 'braai' (a great South African word for grilling out - try using'll like it) hosted by HAICU, the HIV/AIDS Inclusivity and Change Unit of UCT, including course instructors Lucina Reddy, Cal Volks, Sianne Abrahams,  and Stella Kyobula-Mukoza, as well as some of their student peer-educators.  Another great adventure begins! 

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