Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Johns Hopkins Undergrads in Cape Town again!

June, 2012, and I'm thrilled to say that the Public Health Studies program abroad in Cape Town is underway again.  10 students this year, including two from the Whiting School of Engineering, and sophomores through seniors.  They arrived on June 5th - surviving the long flights - and we spent the 6th doing our bike tour of Soweto (the largest township in the Johannesburg area) - you will be hearing about that experience in more detail.  On the 7th a transition to the Western Cape where we stayed south of Cape Town for 3 nights of orientation, including meeting their community site supervisors, and plenty of background on South Africa's history and culture, plus some introductory lessons on the many 'clicks' of isiXhosa, the language most spoken in the local townships. 

They have already learned that most South Africans are real meat lovers, and seem to also have an affinity for a yellow custard on *any* dessert.  Plus they have learned a great deal about each other - their laughter is easy, and their curiosity is inspiring!  Each student now has his/her own room in UCT's Graca Machel dormitory, has now been to his/her community site two times now, and so the real settling in begins - so much to do and see, and we look forward to keeping you abreast of our adventures.  Go HOP!

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  1. Everyone looks happy and bundled up. A great start, no doubt. Far more exciting than here in 3505...cheers JDG